About Company KPHN a.s.

Established  in 2015 as  “Take-over” of existing Ingersoll Rand Sheet Metal operation
Located in Kolín, Czech Republic
Annual turnover :  € 13M
Headcount: 140
Operation area:  6000 sqm


KPHN a.s. is the manufacturer of sheet metal, welded and painted components focused on services for variety of OEM customers in different industrial segments

KPHN a.s. is the supplier of electro installations and control systems for various types of industrial segments.

KPHN a.s.. is the producer of stainless steel pressure and nonpressure vessels and stainless steel equipments for pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.



  • Experienced, trained and certified operators
  • Established and  OEM audited operation
  • Certified operation for welding of RAIL systems (EN-DIN 15085)
  • Lean operation providing  JIT deliveries
  • High volume of prototype operation – experienced engineering support
  • High safety and environmental standards
  • Opportunity for additional growth